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  Querying Information on Open Items


Transfer of information on open items to offline branches


The Enterprise Service CashPointOpenItemSummaryByElementsQueryResponse delivers the open items for predefined selection criteria at business partner level.

Selection criteria are the ID of the business partner, of the contract, of the contract, the reference document number (XBLNR), and the document number or payment form number. You can restrict the number of items using the due date. In Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable , you can use the XI data type enhancement and events 6203 and 6215 to define further selection criteria or to restrict the selection.

The system can convert the amounts of the open items into a uniform currency.

The open items are returned at business partner level. In addition to the standard fields of the return structure, you can use the XI data type enhancement and event 6204 to specify further fields at open item level.

If you specify a payment amount to the Enterprise Service, the clearing proposal is simulated in accordance with the clearing control in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable and returned to the caller.