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Object documentationMobility (Infotype 7406)


Infotype in which the system stores information about a talent's mobility.


For example, an employee (or also his or her superior or the responsible talent management specialist) stores information about whether he or she is willing to relocate and if so, which locations he or she would prefer in the Mobility category in the talent profile. If the employee enters such data in the talent profile, the system creates a record for the Mobility infotype and stores the ID of the employee's central person in the record (object type CP).


In the Mobility infotype, the system defines the following information:

  • Indicator as to whether the employee is willing to relocate in principle

  • List of the employee's preferred and non-preferred work locations (country group, country, area of country, region)

  • If the employee has created a note for the Mobility category: ID and document class of this note