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 Monitoring the Transfer of Day-End Closing


Monitoring messages for day-end closing

Key Features

You can monitor and further process all day-end closing messages received in the Monitor for External Cash Desk Services on the SAP Easy Access screen under Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step External Cash Desk Services End of the navigation path.

The Overview tab shows the grouping keys and their further processing status for each branch/cash desk. Here you can read the previous payment total for day-end closing records that are still open. A day-end closing record is open as long as no day-end closing message has been posted for it. These records have a yellow traffic light.

Day-end closing records that have been posted have a green traffic light, or if there are discrepancies, a red traffic light. Discrepancies occur if the total of the individual payments for a grouping key does not correspond to the total amount reported in the day-end closing message.

On the Agent Posting tab, you can see detailed information for the day-end closing records. The grouping keys can have one of the following statuses:

  • SPACE (Totals record received, not processed further yet)

  • E (Unable to create follow-up posting)

  • P (Reconciliation successful, follow-up posting created)

You can create entries with status SPACE or E at any time. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step External Cash Desk Services Next navigation step Post Agent Receivable End of the navigation path. Or you can create entries as agent postings in the form of a G/L account posting for branch categories B and D.

By choosing the Display Details Details (Display Details) pushbutton, you can display all existing payments for a grouping key. For performance reasons the display is two-level, which means that you can first restrict the selection criteria, for example, to one customer, and then select the payments in a second step.

By choosing the Difference Difference (Difference) pushbutton, you can post payments online that were not reported by the external cash desks, but are required for the reconciliation of the grouping key. This function is protected by the authorization object F_KK_SOND, so you can ensure that only authorized employees can make this posting.

You can call up the XI message for a grouping key in the XI monitor. Choose XI XI (XI) for a selected item.