Start Level 1 Node: Payment PlanPayment PlanEnd Level 1 Node: Payment Plan
   Start Level 2 Node: Payment Plan and Payment Plan KeyPayment Plan and Payment Plan KeyEnd Level 2 Node: Payment Plan and Payment Plan Key
   Start Level 2 Node: Payment OptionPayment OptionEnd Level 2 Node: Payment Option
   Start Level 2 Node: Payment Plan ItemPayment Plan ItemEnd Level 2 Node: Payment Plan Item
   Start Level 2 Node: Payment Plan SubitemsPayment Plan SubitemsEnd Level 2 Node: Payment Plan Subitems
   Start Level 2 Node: Assign Payment Plan Data to Insurance RelationshipsAssign Payment Plan Data to Insurance RelationshipsEnd Level 2 Node: Assign Payment Plan Data to Insurance Relationships
   Start Level 2 Node: Creating and Changing Payment Plan ItemsCreating and Changing Payment Plan ItemsEnd Level 2 Node: Creating and Changing Payment Plan Items
   Start Level 2 Node: Executing Payment Plans (Debit Entry)Executing Payment Plans (Debit Entry)End Level 2 Node: Executing Payment Plans (Debit Entry)
   Start Level 2 Node: Direct ClearingDirect ClearingEnd Level 2 Node: Direct Clearing
   Start Level 2 Node: Subledger Transfer PostingSubledger Transfer PostingEnd Level 2 Node: Subledger Transfer Posting
   Start Level 2 Node: General Ledger Transfer PostingGeneral Ledger Transfer PostingEnd Level 2 Node: General Ledger Transfer Posting
   Start Level 2 Node: Payment Plan ReversalPayment Plan ReversalEnd Level 2 Node: Payment Plan Reversal
   Start Level 2 Node: Insurance Objects with Customer-Initiated Payment FormInsurance Objects with Customer-Initiated Payment FormEnd Level 2 Node: Insurance Objects with Customer-Initiated Payment Form
      Start Level 3 Node: Creation of Open Items for Customer-Initiated Payment FormCreation of Open Items for Customer-Initiated Payment FormEnd Level 3 Node: Creation of Open Items for Customer-Initiated Payment Form
      Start Level 3 Node: Clearing Algorithm for Customer-Initiated Payment FormClearing Algorithm for Customer-Initiated Payment FormEnd Level 3 Node: Clearing Algorithm for Customer-Initiated Payment Form
      Start Level 3 Node: Statistical Posting for Customer-Initiated Payment FormStatistical Posting for Customer-Initiated Payment FormEnd Level 3 Node: Statistical Posting for Customer-Initiated Payment Form
   Start Level 2 Node: InsuranceCollectionDisbursementRequest (ICDR) FunctionsInsuranceCollectionDisbursementRequest (ICDR) FunctionsEnd Level 2 Node: InsuranceCollectionDisbursementRequest (ICDR) Functions
      Start Level 3 Node: Display ICDRDisplay ICDREnd Level 3 Node: Display ICDR
      Start Level 3 Node: Individual Posting of an ICDRIndividual Posting of an ICDREnd Level 3 Node: Individual Posting of an ICDR
      Start Level 3 Node: Cancellation of an ICDRCancellation of an ICDREnd Level 3 Node: Cancellation of an ICDR
      Start Level 3 Node: Delayed, collected posting of ICDRsDelayed, collected posting of ICDRsEnd Level 3 Node: Delayed, collected posting of ICDRs