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Function documentationOrganizational Basics of Talent Management


You use this function to make the organizational arrangements for Talent Management and in particular for Succession Planning.


You are using the Organizational Management application component and have configured it accordingly.


  • You can edit the following object types:

    • Organizational unit (object type O)

    • Functional area (object type FN)

    • Job family (object type JF)

    • Job (object type C)

    • Position (object type S)

    • Central person (object type CP)

  • You have the following search options available for these object types:

    • Search for a search term or an ID

    • Free search using a variety of criteria

    • Structure search along the organizational structure (only for organizational units and positions)

  • You can display general basic data such as name, ID, or description for all objects. For some object types, you can also display additional data, for example:

    • Incumbent of position

    • Incumbents of an organizational unit's positions

    • Address of a position or organizational unit

    • A central person's position(s)

  • You can set the preview period variably.

  • You can represent hierarchical relationships such as the organizational structure, the job architecture, or the indirect reporting structure as a tree structure.

  • You can specify the area of responsibility of the talent management specialist in your enterprise and assign one or more responsible talent management specialists to each organizational unit. You thus specify for which organizational units the talent management specialist may conduct talent review meetings.

    The system uses the relationship Is Responsible For/Is in Area of Responsibility Of (741) between the position of the talent management specialist (object type S) and the organizational unit (object type O).

  • You can make the organizational arrangements for Succession Planning. For more information, see Organizational Bases of Succession Planning.

  • You can edit the hierarchical job architecture. For more information, see Job Architecture for Talent Management.

Note Note

You cannot directly edit the Talent Management infotypes. Instead, the system creates infotype records in the background. For more information, see Talent Management Infotypes.

End of the note.


Use the following functions to edit the organizational basics:

  • Create Succession Planning and Organization (transaction HRTMC_PPOC)

  • Display Succession Planning and Organization (transaction HRTMC_PPOS)

  • Change Succession Planning and Organization (transaction HRTMC_PPOM)

More Information

The Succession Planning and Organization functions are based on the Organization and Staffing functions of Organizational Management. For more information about working with the Organization and Staffing functions, see Organizational Plan Mode.