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 Selecting Payment Methods and Bank Details

Once the open items have been grouped and the balance per group has been established, the system then determines the payment method and the house bank:

You define the order in which the suitability of payment methods is checked in the list of payment methods under the payment run parameters.

If you process a group containing items in which the payment method is defined in the line items, the system checks whether the payment method appears in the list of payment methods.

In the case of groups where no payment method is entered in the line item, the system checks only those payment methods in the list that are also defined in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable. If there is no overlap, payment cannot be made. If more than one payment method could be used, the system carries out the checks listed below in the specified sequence until it finds a suitable payment method.

Example Example

From the list of payment methods, you choose Bank direct debit , Bank transfer , and Check (in this order).

End of the example.
  • If you entered payment method Collection in the line item, this group cannot be paid.

  • If you entered payment method Bank direct debit for a contract account with a debit balance, the system checks this payment method.

  • If you entered payment methods Check and Bank transfer for a contract account with a credit balance, the system checks the payment method Bank transfer first. If the system is unable to find a bank, it searches again under the payment method Check .

  • For each payment method, the system then checks whether the conditions entered in Customizing are satisfied (business partner address or bank details required, foreign currency permitted).

  • Finally, the system searches for a suitable house bank per payment method by checking the banks you entered in the parameters for the payment run. If you specified payment optimization under the field Bank Group in the bank master record, the system attempts to select a house bank that is suitable for business partner bank’s bank group. No bank selection takes place if the payment method is marked as Internal settlement or as the payment method for payment cards . In event 0650, you can override the selection of the house bank determined by the payment program, and set a different house bank ID dependent on the items to be paid or prevent the payment (see the documentation for the function module FKK_SAMPLE_0650).

  • Then, in event 0652, you can override the automatic selection of the partner bank by the payment program (from the account, the contract, or the line item), and set a different bank details ID dependent on the items to be paid or prevent the payment (see the documentation for the function module FKK_SAMPLE_0652).