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 Processing Messages for Day-End Closing


Using the Enterprise Service CashPointClsoingDocumentNotification , external cash desks can send day-end closing to Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA).

These messages are used for reconciliation between the individual payments and the daily totals that are forwarded to the company from external agents via the bank.


In the document display for a payment, the External Cash Desk tab page contains the relevant grouping key of a payment.

For documents posted via the external cash desk services, in the account balance display, you can display the grouping key used by choosing Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Payment Data Next navigation step From External Cash Desk End of the navigation path .


Description of the interface of the Enterprise Service Enterprise Services CashPointClsoingDocumentNotification

Type Definition



ID of the cash desk


ID of the branch


ID of grouping key


Total amount of all payments


Value date of day-end closing


To enable the reconciliation between the payments received by an agent and the payment receipts forwarded to the company by the agent, the agent is managed as a business partner/contract account in FI-CA. In the Implementation Guide for FI-CA, under Start of the navigation path Business Transactions Next navigation step Payments Next navigation step Processing of Incoming/Outgoing Payments Next navigation step External Cash Desk Services Next navigation step Define Master Data for External Cash Desk Services End of the navigation path , you must assign a business partner or contract account to external branches or cash desks. You must also make the required settings in the Define Specifications for Agent Postings activity.

In the configuration of the Integration Builder , link the Enterprise Service CashPointClosingDocumentNotification with the messages of the external cash desks by means of the SOAP Adpater or File Adpater , for example. For more information, see the documentation of SAP NetWeaver under Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Library Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability Next navigation step Process Integration by Key Capability Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure. End of the navigation path