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 EDI Settings for the SD Self-Billing Procedure


The Automotive enhancement to the SD self-billing procedure can only work if the transmitted data is correctly adopted from the EDI subsystem into the IDoc (basic type GSVERF01) and from there into inbound processing in the SAP system.

The following chapters describe all the required settings in the EDI and IDoc environment, and in the context of SD documents.


You make the settings for the EDI/IDoc environment under Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation step Business Communication Next navigation step IDoc Next navigation step IDoc Basis Next navigation step IDoc. End of the navigation path

The basic EDI settings for the Automotive enhancement to SD self-billing are:

Logical message


Process code for this logical message


IDoc type


this IDoc GSVERF01 and the SD self-billing inbound processing are designed for a ratio of 1 IDoc to 1 delivery note .

This means that the EDI subsystem has to split up the data so that one IDoc contains the data of one delivery. The IDoc GSVERF01 is not designed to contain the whole transmission.