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Function documentationHandle Visible Row and Buttons Active/Not Active for List UIBBs


You should call these super class methods towards the end of the processing in method GET_DATA, so that:

  1. In method ADJUST_FIRST_VISIBLE_ROW the selected entry in the list is visible in the LIST UIBB.

    It can sometimes occur that if the list is longer than the viewing pane allows and the user must scroll through it, the user selects the Next button, and the line selected is off the bottom of the part of the list currently shown. The correct pay slip is shown, but the user cannot see the selected period in the list.

    The method adjusts the list so that the selected period is visible in the viewing pane.

  2. In Method HANDLE_PREVIOUS_NEXT_ACTIVATION the buttons Previous and Next on the screen are set to inactive or active. This depends on if after the current event has finished processing there actually is a previous or next entry in the List.

    If not, the buttons are greyed out.

Just call these super methods to get this handling.

Example Example

Code example for handling button activation:

End of the example.

Syntax Syntax

  1. IF mv_prev_lead_index NE cv_lead_index
  2. 	OR lv_prev_tab_lines NE lines( lt_data> ).
  3. 		cv_first_visible_row = me->adjust_first_visible_row(
  4. 			iv_lead_index        = cv_lead_index
  5. 			iv_first_visible_row = cv_first_visible_row
  6. 			iv_visible_rows      = iv_visible_rows
  7. 			iv_max_index         = lines( lt_data> )
  8. 				if visible_row should be set according on max. shown entries use:
  9. 				iv_max_index        = lines( mt_filtered_rgdir )
  10. 					).
  11. 		me->handle_prev_next_activation(
  12. 			iv_lead_index = cv_lead_index
  13. 			prev/next only on actual shown entries possible
  14. 			iv_max_index  = lines( lt_data> )
  15. 				if prev/next should be set according on max. shown entries use:
  16. 				iv_max_index  = lines( mt_filtered_rgdir )
  17. 					mv_prev_lead_index = cv_lead_index
  18. ENDIF.
End of the code.