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 Define Conditions for Safety Statements


The Conditions for Safety Statements (CoSSta) is a function within the EH&S Expert rule editor. Conditions that are created in CoSSta are used in the set of rules for safety statements. When secondary data is determined for a specification, the set of rules defines which result phrases are transferred to the specification. This allows phrases in a variety of properties to be assigned when safety data sheets or standard operating procedure documents are created.


Before you can use the conditions for safety statements, you require the SAP EHS Regulatory Content, Safety Data Sheets Authoring package.

For the purpose of managing conditions in the EH&S Expert rule editor, you require the Property Tree for Safety Statements. The property tree is shipped with SAP Note 2231758Information published on SAP site.

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  1. Start the rule editor by executing the RuleEdit.exe program. The EH&S Login dialog box appears.

  2. Log on to the EHS SAP system. The rule editor loads the property tree that you have configured in the EHS system.

  3. To create conditions, choose Manage Conditions under Conditions for Safety Statements .

  4. For more information about conditions for safety statements, see the Conditions for Safety Statements document. You can find the document on SAP Portal at Under SAP Environment, Health, and Safety, navigate to SAP EHS as Part of SAP ERP. Under SAP EHS Management as Part of SAP Enhancement Package 08 for SAP ERP, in the Further Information for Product Safety area, open the PDF file Conditions for Safety Statements on the right.