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 Payment Plan


Payment plans and payment plan items enable you to create documents sthat are the basis of the processes in collections/disbursements.

You use payment plans to change total amounts valid for a specific period on the insurance object-partner level into payment plan items. The amount and due date of the open items to be created can be determined by the collections/disbursements on the basis of the specifications of the payment plan and the control parameters defined for the payment plan items.

Implementation Considerations

Make settings for control information for payment plans in Customizing for collections/disbursements under Payment Plans.


To create documents, store document-relevant information from a feeder system in Collections/Disbursements.

Payment plan data is stored for the insurance relationship, and belongs to the master data (Payment Plan tab page).

The payment plan data is enhanced by payment plan item data. This data, which can be about an amount, a validity period or account assignments, for example, is used as the basis for the documents to be created. This creates the Execute Payment Plans mass activity.