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 Payment Methods


The payment method defines the payment procedures to be used in a country. It also defines the prerequisites that must be fulfilled so that a certain payment procedure can be used. In the case of an automatic debit, for example, the business partner's bank details and, in the case of a returned check, the address, must be defined in the system. You must define a payment method (in the country) and also the company code-specific details for the payment method. You also define amount limits valid for the payment procedure and other prerequisites for using the payment method.


In the master records of your contract accounts, enter the payment methods that you wish to use to make automatic incoming or outgoing payments. Enter a payment method in the open item if you wish to ensure that payment is only made using this method. This payment method does not have to be included in the master record for the contract account.


The payment medium format used for payment methods must be assigned to the payment method. This can include the process of assigning a commercial description to the payment method and making your Customizing settings for the note to payee.

For outgoing payments in Switzerland, Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable supports the POR payment procedure.