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 Formats and Format Supplements


The payment medium format contains the technical details that control the way payment and debit orders to be sent to the bank or payment mediums for the beneficiary are to be created. The payment medium format therefore controls the payment medium program and enables you to enter the necessary settings for data transfer. Payment medium forms are defined in line with the specifications published by banks or central bank boards.

There are both document-based payment media (such as checks) and non-document payment media (DTA or EDI). There are also country-specific and international formats.

The format supplement enables you to enter a business description of the data that is to be transferred in the chosen payment medium format. You can, for example, use a format to issue payment and debit orders. In the case of debits, in some formats you have to differentiate between direct debits and collections. You make this differentiation (if required for the format) using the format supplement.

In addition to the technical characteristics of the format, company code-specific details are also required. Using these you set for each company when a cover letter (payment advice) is to be created and how the company address is to be output.


The payment medium format and the format supplement are assigned to the payment method.