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Function documentationJob Architecture for Talent Management


You can use this function to edit the job architecture for Talent Management, meaning the job catalog with functional areas, job families, jobs, and positions. In particular, the job architecture forms the basis for Succession Planning.


You are using the Organizational Management application component and have configured it accordingly.


  • You can edit the following objects:

    • Functional area (object type FN)

    • Job family (object type JF)

    • Job (object type C)

    • Position (object type S)

  • You can edit the following hierarchical relationships between these objects and represent them as a tree structure:

    • Functional area comprises job families (relationship 450)

    • Job family comprises job(s) (relationship 450)

    • Job describes position(s) (relationship 007)

  • You can assign competencies (qualifications, object type Q) to the functional areas, job families, jobs, and positions.

    The competencies are passed along the job architecture to the entire substructure. This means that you can store key competencies in the system once and thus automatically assign them to the entire lower-level structure.

    Example Example

    For example, qualifications assigned to the functional area are passed on to the job families, and from there to the jobs and then to the positions.

    End of the example.


To edit the job architecture, you use the Succession Planning and Organization functions. For more information, see Organizational Basics of Talent Management.

Note Note

If you purchase a license for SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa, you can use a graphical user interface to edit the job architecture. For more information about the available versions of SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa, see SAP Note 1501039Information published on SAP site.

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