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 Verification Step


In the verification step, the system reads the customer transmission, verifies the data and uses it to determine the corresponding data in the SAP system.


Data that has been read and set as without errors in the verification step is ready to proceed to the processing step. There, the system compares the quantities and values in the self-billing document with the quantities and values in the current billing document. The system always updates the reference number in the current SD and FI billing documents. In the case of value differences, the system automatically carries out clearing postings.


  • The system reads the individual IDocs received from the EDI subsystem. The first IDoc creates a transmission.

  • The system checks that all the mandatory fields are filled in the IDoc. Mandatory fields are fields such as quantity and value, plus the EDI partner, the inbound parameters for the EDI partner and the number for delivery determination. See also EDI Settings for the SD Self-Billing Procedure .

  • The system assigns the number transmitted for delivery determination to a delivery in the SAP system.

Note Note

The number for delivery determination might be the delivery number from the supplier's own system, or any number with which the delivery can be uniquely identified (for example, an ESA delivery number). You make these settings in the Self-Billing Monitor under Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Maintain Sold-To Party Parameters End of the navigation path .

If the system finds no corresponding SAP delivery, the verification step reports an error in delivery determination.

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  • If the system finds a corresponding SAP delivery, it assigns the material transmitted (the customer material number) to a material in this delivery.

  • The system determines the customer name in the SAP system.

  • The system determines the transaction currency (from the initial billing document for the delivery) in the SAP system.

  • The system determines how the processing step is started. The processing step can be started either automatically, or manually via the Self-Billing Monitor. You make these settings in the Self-Billing Monitor under Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Maintain EDI Partner End of the navigation path . See also: Starting the Processing Step .


When the transmission is ended or the processing step is started, the next inbound IDoc automatically causes a new transmission for the EDI partner to be created. This and any subsequent IDocs remain in the verification step until the transmission is again ended, or the processing step is started for the transmission.

In the Self-Billing Monitor a counter indicates, whether errors have occurred during the verification step (such as no delivery being found in the SAP system, or a similar assignment error). By double-clicking on this number, you can display the long text of the error message.

Note Note

If you double-click on the long text, the system will display detailed information on the cause of the problem and how to deal with it.

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  • The cause of the error can be removed by editing the transmitted data. In this case, you select the error message, then choose Change data .

  • The error cannot be corrected by editing. In this case, you can deactivate the original data (the IDoc) in the list of deliveries, so that it is excluded from the processing step.