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Function documentationEvent LEAVE_INITIAL_SCREEN


This is a generic FPM event (cl_fpm_event=>gc_event_leave_initial_screen), that runs as you leave the initial screen. At this point you can fetch data that you need to build the main screen. Here, before you process the input data from the user, you get the PERNR.

Then you should do the processing that fetches the data for filling the list UIBB.

Note Note

If you have a form UIBB; at this point you can set general or PERNR specific defaults for the fields in your form.

End of the note.

Code example for fetching PERNR:

Syntax Syntax

  1. TRY.
  2. 	mv_pernr = cl_hress_employee_services=>get_instance( )->get_pernr( ).
  3. 		CATCH cx_hress.
  4. *   <Errorhandling: Not necessary here, since this is handled earlier by
  5. *   component HRESS_C_PERNR_SELECTION>
  6. ENDTRY.
End of the code.