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 Note to Payee Type


The amount of space available for entering note to payee information depends on the data medium format. This space is normally a fixed number of lines (often of differing length) in which you can enter information on the line item required by the business partner.

In addition, the content of the note to payee depends on a large number of factors. This is why there is a note to payee type. It is designed to meet different content and structure requirements.


You assign a note to payee type to a payment method used for a certain application area.


The structure of a note to payee can be controlled in the following ways:

  • You can describe the structure in Customizing through the use of symbols. This involves the use of SAP script functions by which the field contents of individual items can be output. For example, the entry Amount &PAYH-WAERS(C)& &PAYP-AUGBW(C)& is replaced with the current values (currency key and clearing amount) when payment media are created.

  • Alternatively, you can define a function module to create the note to payee.

  • A combination is possible: First you create the note to payee in accordance with the Customizing settings. Then you can use program coding to enhance it (for example, to include certain types of greeting or special offers).