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 Automatic Postings


Certain G/L items are created automatically. This reduces the manual entries required.


During clearing, items for cash discount, payment differences, revenues from charges, exchange rates differences, and any necessary tax adjustments are amended automatically (see Automatic Postings During Clearing ).

With all business transactions containing cross-company code documents, offsetting entries representing receivables and payables between the company codes involved are amended automatically.

When posting down payments, you may have to post the tax from a general ledger viewpoint. No special line items for tax and tax clearing are generated for this in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable . Only the tax code, tax amount, and account numbers for the tax account and tax clearing account are noted in the open item for the down payment. This information is sufficient for updating the general ledger.


The accounts to be posted to must be defined in Customizing for the line items to be created automatically (see the IMG structure for Start of the navigation path Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Next navigation step BasicFunctions Next navigation step PostingsandDocuments Next navigation step Document Next navigation step Define Account AssignmentsforAutomaticPostings End of the navigation path ).