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  Executing Returns Activities


Various activities can be required for returns:

  • No more collections are to be attempted from a bank account because the bank account no longer exists.

  • No more outgoing payments are to be made because the required incoming payments have not been received.

  • The responsible employee is to be informed using workflow.

  • Correspondence is to be created and subsequent activities requested (see also Printing Returns Notices).


Returns activities are based on the Returns Reason.


In Customizing you can make the following settings for a returns reason based on company code, number of returns, creditworthiness, tolerance group, house bank, and so on (see Customizing for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Start of the navigation path Business Transactions Next navigation step Returns Next navigation step Configure Returns Reasons End of the navigation path).

  • Set up activities for charge handling, such as making business partners liable for charges (see Charge Handling)

  • Set a dunning lock at contract account, item, or contract level

  • Set a payment lock at contract account, item, or contract level

  • Postpone a due date by defining deferral days

  • Set up scaled charges and amount differences

  • Delete the outgoing payment method in the contract account or contract in the event of credit memo returns

  • Delete the payment method in the item on which the return is based

  • Change the payment method in the item on which the return is based

    In event 0292, you can set a new payment method in the item dependent on the existing payment method.

You can also define your own function modules for event 0295. These function modules execute other returns activities, or supplement existing activities. (See the documentation for the sample function module FKK_SAMPLE_0295.)

In the different application areas (industry components), you can perform further returns activities (see Executing further Returns Activities).

Note Note

If you have defined returns activities dependent on the house bank in the system settings, you must specify the house bank in the returns header lot on the Clearing Account and Management tab.

End of the note.

Special Features for Check Returns

You can post outgoing checks that cannot be delivered or that have been returned as returns, instead of reversing the check payment in check management, if you want additional activities, such as changing the payment method in the contract account, to follow automatically.