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Function documentationPut the Output into the Document Container


At the event handling for previous and next (where you naturally know if the user has requested a different output) and after having produced the form, you need to put that output into the Document Container. Likewise, as we saw for event GC_EVENT_DISPLAY, all you have to do is just putting your output from the report into the Document Container, and the Web Dypro component HRGRT_FC_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY fetches it automatically without you having to tell it.

Example Example

Code example for sending your form output to the Document Container:

End of the example.

Syntax Syntax

  1. data: lv_output_content       TYPE xstring.
  2. data: lv_header_text          TYPE string.
  4. 		(IV_CONTENT        = lv_output_content
  5. 			IV_CONTENT_TYPE    = cl_hrgrt_document_container=>gc_doc_type-pdf
  6. IV_HEADER_TEXT     = lv_header_text). " set dynamically in code as/req
  7. 	* set the global index variable for comparison at subsequent event processing
  8. 		gv_prev_lead_index = cv_lead_index. “ for LIST UIBBs only!!!
End of the code.