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 Creating a Rebate Agreement


To create a rebate agreement, proceed as follows:

On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose:

LogisticsSales and DistributionMaster DataAgreementsRebate agreementCreate.

The Create Rebate Agreement screen appears

Enter the required agreement type.

Choose Continue.

The Organizational Data screen appears.

Enter the necessary data.

Choose Enter.

The Create <Agreement Type>: Overview Agreement screen appears.

Enter the necessary data.

In Extended Rebate Processing , the rebate agreement has been supplemented with the following fields compared to the standard SAP rebate processing.



w. VAKEY (with variable key)

This flag indicates whether Extended Rebate Processing should be used for this agreement type. Additional key fields enable the system to perform rebate settlement based on the rebate origin.

ind. Settlement (indirect settlement)

This indicates the type of rebate agreement:

indirect agreement type

direct agreement type

The system determines sales and planning data based on a customer-specific information structure. The system generates indirect billing documents based on the sales and planning data, and updates the information in rebate information structure S469. After the update has taken place, there are no longer any differences between direct and indirect agreements.

Periodic and indirect settlements represent an exception to this rule: The system will only perform periodic partial settlement for indirect agreements if confirmations exist for the respective settlement period. The Indirect settlement field only serves statistical purposes for non-periodic settlements.

If you do not set the Periodic settlement flag, it does not make sense to set this flag either.

periodic Sett. (Periodic settlement)

This flag determines which periods the system takes into account in rebate settlement.

If the flag is set, the system only takes the sales from the respective settlement periods into account during rebate settlement.

If the flag is not set, the system takes all sales transacted to date – independently of the settlement period – and all executed payments into account during rebate settlement.

Contract data

This flag indicates whether or not contract data can be maintained for an agreement type. The system displays the Contract Type , Contract Number and Movement type fields for an agreement.

The contract data is passed on to SAP FI.

Use Customizing for the rebate agreement to define whether the contract data fields in the agreement are ready for input or not.

You can go from this screen to the following tables:

Sales table

Statement table (itemized statement)

The system outputs the data as defined in the VAKEY in both lists. Please take the following considerations into account in the sales list for periodic agreements:

The system displays the sales for the settlement period.

The system only displays intervals in which sales have to be settled.

The settlement period appears in the validity period of the agreement.

The system settles individual periods as individual settlements.

The system displays the validity for each condition.

Save your entries.