Start Level 1 Node: Self-BillingSelf-BillingEnd Level 1 Node: Self-Billing
   Start Level 2 Node: Self-Billing – Complete ProcessSelf-Billing – Complete ProcessEnd Level 2 Node: Self-Billing – Complete Process
      Start Level 3 Node: Procedure for Inbound ProcessingProcedure for Inbound ProcessingEnd Level 3 Node: Procedure for Inbound Processing
         Start Level 4 Node: Self-Billing MonitorSelf-Billing MonitorEnd Level 4 Node: Self-Billing Monitor
            Start Level 5 Node: Reassignment of Material ItemsReassignment of Material ItemsEnd Level 5 Node: Reassignment of Material Items
         Start Level 4 Node: Processing Inbound Self-Billing DocumentsProcessing Inbound Self-Billing DocumentsEnd Level 4 Node: Processing Inbound Self-Billing Documents
            Start Level 5 Node: Verification StepVerification StepEnd Level 5 Node: Verification Step
            Start Level 5 Node: Processing StepProcessing StepEnd Level 5 Node: Processing Step
               Start Level 6 Node: Starting the Processing StepStarting the Processing StepEnd Level 6 Node: Starting the Processing Step
            Start Level 5 Node: Tolerance Limit for Value DifferencesTolerance Limit for Value DifferencesEnd Level 5 Node: Tolerance Limit for Value Differences
         Start Level 4 Node: Automatic Posting in Case of DifferencesAutomatic Posting in Case of DifferencesEnd Level 4 Node: Automatic Posting in Case of Differences
            Start Level 5 Node: Automatic Posting Settings in General ParametersAutomatic Posting Settings in General ParametersEnd Level 5 Node: Automatic Posting Settings in General Parameters
               Start Level 6 Node: Setting the Order ReasonsSetting the Order ReasonsEnd Level 6 Node: Setting the Order Reasons
            Start Level 5 Node: Condition Types for Automatic PostingsCondition Types for Automatic PostingsEnd Level 5 Node: Condition Types for Automatic Postings
            Start Level 5 Node: Customizing Checklist for Automatic PostingsCustomizing Checklist for Automatic PostingsEnd Level 5 Node: Customizing Checklist for Automatic Postings
            Start Level 5 Node: Optional Default Customizing SettingsOptional Default Customizing SettingsEnd Level 5 Node: Optional Default Customizing Settings
            Start Level 5 Node: Differentiation of Value-Only and Value/Quantity DifferencesDifferentiation of Value-Only and Value/Quantity DifferencesEnd Level 5 Node: Differentiation of Value-Only and Value/Quantity Differences
               Start Level 6 Node: Example of Differentiation of Difference TypeExample of Differentiation of Difference TypeEnd Level 6 Node: Example of Differentiation of Difference Type
   Start Level 2 Node: SD Self-Billing ArchivingSD Self-Billing ArchivingEnd Level 2 Node: SD Self-Billing Archiving
   Start Level 2 Node: EDI Settings for the SD Self-Billing ProcedureEDI Settings for the SD Self-Billing ProcedureEnd Level 2 Node: EDI Settings for the SD Self-Billing Procedure
      Start Level 3 Node: Setting Up the EDI PartnerSetting Up the EDI PartnerEnd Level 3 Node: Setting Up the EDI Partner
      Start Level 3 Node: Determination of EDI Sold-To PartyDetermination of EDI Sold-To PartyEnd Level 3 Node: Determination of EDI Sold-To Party
         Start Level 4 Node: EDI-Relevant Settings for the VendorEDI-Relevant Settings for the VendorEnd Level 4 Node: EDI-Relevant Settings for the Vendor
         Start Level 4 Node: EDI-Relevant Settings for the PartnerEDI-Relevant Settings for the PartnerEnd Level 4 Node: EDI-Relevant Settings for the Partner
         Start Level 4 Node: EDI-Relevant Settings for the Unloading PointEDI-Relevant Settings for the Unloading PointEnd Level 4 Node: EDI-Relevant Settings for the Unloading Point
      Start Level 3 Node: Making the Settings for Mapping in the EDI SubsystemMaking the Settings for Mapping in the EDI SubsystemEnd Level 3 Node: Making the Settings for Mapping in the EDI Subsystem
         Start Level 4 Node: Table of Settings for Mapping in EDI SubsystemTable of Settings for Mapping in EDI SubsystemEnd Level 4 Node: Table of Settings for Mapping in EDI Subsystem
         Start Level 4 Node: Monetary Values in SD Self-BillingMonetary Values in SD Self-BillingEnd Level 4 Node: Monetary Values in SD Self-Billing
         Start Level 4 Node: The +/- Sign in SD Self-BillingThe +/- Sign in SD Self-BillingEnd Level 4 Node: The +/- Sign in SD Self-Billing
      Start Level 3 Node: Processing for Self-Billing or Retro-BillingProcessing for Self-Billing or Retro-BillingEnd Level 3 Node: Processing for Self-Billing or Retro-Billing
         Start Level 4 Node: Table of ACTION Codes to Control Self-Billing/Retro-BillingTable of ACTION Codes to Control Self-Billing/Retro-BillingEnd Level 4 Node: Table of ACTION Codes to Control Self-Billing/Retro-Billing
      Start Level 3 Node: Number of Deliveries (IDocs) per Transmission NumberNumber of Deliveries (IDocs) per Transmission NumberEnd Level 3 Node: Number of Deliveries (IDocs) per Transmission Number
      Start Level 3 Node: Transmitted Conditions, Reference Numbers and Date InformationTransmitted Conditions, Reference Numbers and Date InformationEnd Level 3 Node: Transmitted Conditions, Reference Numbers and Date Information