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 Clarifying Payment Exceptions


Choose one of the following paths:

RoleDebit Memos and Payment Run (SAP_FI_CA_DEBMEMOS_PAYMENTRUN)→Clarification Processing: Payment Exceptions

SAP Menu Payments→Payment Run→Exception Clarification

The screen for processing the clarification worklist appears. The clarification worklist appears on the left side of the screen. By switching between the different tab pages, you can choose individual views. You can display all clarification cases in the list, or only those that you are processing.

Place the cursor on the required clarification worklist item and choose Clarify . On the right hand side of the screen, tab pages offer you a detailed display of the payment exceptions requiring clarification. These arose on the basis of item indicators or locks in the contract account or line item. The details of the document, contract account, account balance of the business partner or account, and business partner data are displayed here. First you can check whether there are legitimate reasons for the existence of locks, and if necessary, you can reverse locks.

If an item indicator was the reason for the payment exception, there are various options on how to proceed, depending on the item indicator in question.

If payments could not be made due to missing system settings - if, for example, you have not defined a G/L account for cash discount in Customizing - you have to make the relevant Customizing settings in another session.

If a debit balance prevented the payment of an item, you can, for example, lock the items of an account for a limited period of time to ensure payment.

Only set the status to Completed (function key Clarification Complete in the header of the processing screen) if:

You were able to clarify the clarification worklist item. If not, exit processing or select a new clarification case.

You were able to clarify whether item indicators or locks were justified or if you have reset the lock.

See also Administrator Function .

If you want to use the urgent clarification cases view, define a previously created workflow role for the application object in Role for Display of Urgent Clarification Cases in the system settings for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under Technical SettingsPrepare Processing of Clarification Worklist . This defines which criteria apply for which user groups, so that a clarification case can be classed as urgent. In the same way as for clarification of incoming payments posted in payment lots, you can also search for payments created by the payment run. You can use this function, for example, for returns, if you can only recognize the bank data and the amount, but cannot determine the business partner due to incomplete details in the note to payee. To do this, in the SAP menu choose Payments ® Payment Run ® Find Payment