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 Clarification in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable


If you cannot assign encashment data reported by your house bank to issue data, you can process these cases further in clarification processing for checks in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.


Once you have transferred the data to the system, the system automatically compares the data reported by the bank with the issue data in Check Management. If there are discrepancies between the issue data and the encashment data, the system makes an entry in the clarification list. The system makes this entry even if the check has the status 'cashed' or 'voided'. You can clarify these cases in the transaction Clarification Processing of Cashed Checks (SAP menu: Start of the navigation path Payments Next navigation step Clarification Processing Next navigation step Cashed Checks End of the navigation path ) .

Discrepancies can arise as follows:

  • The bank has already reported the check as cashed. The check has been cashed twice.

  • The check has become invalid due to loss, and therefore has the status 'voided' in Check Management, but has still been cashed.

  • The currency in which the check was issued is different to the currency in which the check was cashed, and the cashed amount is different to the translated issue amount by an amount that exceeds the tolerance limits.

  • The amount for which the check was issued does not agree with the amount of the encashment.

Under certain circumstances, your bank might report encashment data that you cannot assign to any issue data. The reasons for this could be as follows:

  • The data of a manually issued check was not entered in the system.

  • The data of a manually issued check was entered incorrectly in the system.

  • Check fraud (counterfeit checks)

You can transfer these cases to clarification processing using the function Create Clarification Case in the Check Management menu. (See Transferring Data of Cashed Checks to Clarification ). The clarification cases created in this way receive the exception reason Time Limit Exceeded .