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 Display of Business Partner Duplicates


You can use this function to display business partner duplicates, using various selection criteria.

The display for business partner duplicates includes the following data:

  • Client

  • Source business partner number

  • Source business partner contract

  • Source business partner account

  • Subapplication in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

  • Target business partner number

  • Target business partner contract

  • Target business partner account

  • Status of duplicate processing case

  • Name of the processor who processed the business partner duplicate

  • Date of last change

  • Time of last change

  • GUID for duplicate clean-up case

From a technical point of view, the system displays the contents of the DFKKBPCL (Business Partner Duplicates: Predecessor-Successor) table.


To allow the display of business partner duplicates, in the SAP Easy Access Menu, choose Start of the navigation path Collections/Disbursements Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Business Transactions Next navigation step Duplicate Processing Next navigation step Display Business Partner Duplicates End of the navigation path.

You are now on the Display Business Partner Duplicates screen.

You can restrict the display of business partner duplicates, using the following selection criteria:

  • Number, contract and account for the source business partner

  • Number, contract and account for the target business partner