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 Displaying Logs and Payment Lists


When maintaining the parameters for the payment run, you selected the required additional logs on the Logs tab.

You have carried out a payment run in either simulation mode or update mode.


On the initial screen for the transaction Payment Run , enter the date ID and the ID of the required payment run and choose Continue .

On the Logs tab, you can now use the buttons Job Logs and Application Logs . The application log contains all commercial information from the view of the application and the job log contains the technical information for the individual jobs.

If you set the relevant indicators on the Logs tab before scheduling and executing the payment run, you also receive the following information:


Information displayed in the log

Short log

Due amounts and payment locks

Items that can be cleared

Items to be cleared

Payment method selection regardless

Log for payment method selection

Payment method selection if unsuccessful

Log of payment method selection if the payment program could not select a payment method.

Choose Start of the navigation path Environment Next navigation step Payment List End of the navigation path to display a list of the payment exceptions and all items paid.

On the screen List of Payment Data , you can see the relevant indicator in the area General Selections to determine whether only payments or only exceptions are displayed in the list, or whether both are displayed.

In the area Display Variants , you can specify the required variant for the totals list or the line item list. If you execute the Payment List with the parameter Maintenance Mode , you can define these variants and save them under a key that you specify.

You can also restrict the quantity of payment exceptions output by including the corresponding item indicator in the list of item indicators not to be considered in Customizing. In the Implementation Guide for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable choose: Start of the navigation path Business Transactions Next navigation step Payments Next navigation step Incoming/Outgoing Payment Creation Next navigation step Define Scope of Exception List. End of the navigation path The item indicators entered here do not appear in the list of payment exceptions. Instead, they are treated as if the business partner was a self-payer and the item could not be paid automatically. This can reduce the size of the payment list considerably. It is particularly advisable to make this setting for payment exceptions that only occur because only one payment method is specified in the current payment run, meaning that the accounts where other payment methods apply cannot be paid.

The payment run checks whether the open items selected can be paid. If an item cannot be paid, the first check that fails determines which error message appears in the exception list. The order of the criteria according to which an open item is checked is fixed in the program.

For more information, see Functions for Scheduling Program Runs .