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 Processing Conversion Data


You use this function to process conversion data from sales reports for customers/objects and materials .

Wholesalers can report their sales in the units they use. The Pendulum List for Indirect Sales requires conversion data to convert the keys and descriptions from external data received from sales reports into internal keys and descriptions. The Pendulum List for Indirect Sales displays the keys used by the wholesaler when generating sales requests.

If external and internal keys are flagged in the wholesalers’ sales report files, the Pendulum List for Indirect Sales can transfer the conversion data automatically from the sales report files to the conversion data table.

If only external keys are flagged in the sales report files, or if the sales reports are in paper form, you can assign internal keys manually.

If the data is transferred automatically, the Pendulum List for Indirect Sales presumes that the wholesalers report their quantities in their (external) units of measure. The system converts the quantities into internal units of measure.


The prerequisites for processing conversion data are as follows:

  • The required master data (such as wholesaler, customer, object, and material) must already be created under the relevant sales area when the conversion data is entered or processed.

  • Branch offices or sub-wholesalers must be entered as wholesalers.

  • If you want to create conversion data for a material, the material may not yet be created for the specified sales area.


The following functions are available for processing conversion data:

  • Create Conversion Data for Customers

  • Change Conversion Data for Customers

  • Display Conversion Data for Customers

  • Create Conversion Data for Materials

  • Change Conversion Data for Materials

  • Display Conversion Data for Materials

    Caution Caution

    When you delete data records, the system physically removes the records.

    End of the caution.


Examples of conversion data are:

  • Customer/object keys

  • Units of measure

  • Descriptions

  • Material numbers

If the key is an object key, enter O in the C/O column in the table for the Customer Conversion Data .

In the conversion data table, the object Cafe Bus Stop for the customer Wilzhaus has the external key 10312 . Internally, you have assigned the key 0016 to the Cafe Bus Stop data (manual entry).  

If the key is a customer key, enter C in the C/O column in the table for the Customer Conversion Data .

Customer Wilzhaus has the key 17234 at the wholesaler and the internal key 1023 .

Customer/Object (C/O)

External key (no. external)

Internal key (no. internal)

External description (desc. external)

External description (desc. internal)




Cafe Bus Stop

Cafe Bus Stop