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 Create Utilities Smart Meter Event as Bulk


To create a utilities smart meter event request as bulk from the advanced metering infrastructure and transfer it to IS-U using MDUS.

Technical Data

Entity Type

Service Operation

Software Component Version

IS-UT 606

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not applicable

Change/Update Behavior

not applicable

P2P Communication Enabled


Business Context and Use

This service operation receives a smart meter event. Such events indicate, for example, that the smart meter cannot transfer meter reading results, or that it has detected a malfunction during a self test. For more information, see the Utilities Event Processing process component.

Related Operations

The corresponding outbound operation is Confirm Utilities Smart Meter Event Creation as Bulk.

The mirrored test operation is UtilitiesSmartMeterEventERPBulkCreateRequest_Out.


When the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system sends this inbound service operation using the meter data unification and synchronization (MDUS) system, the corresponding utilities smart meter events are created in the SAP for Utilities (IS-U) back-end system. The system sends an outbound confirmation message to AMI if the Customizing settings have been made accordingly for the various event types in activity Define Settings for Event Management (see path below).

This inbound operation processes the message type Utilities Smart Meter Event ERP Bulk Create Request. You require the following information to process a smart meter event request:

  • An identifier for a utilities smart meter event (ID element)

  • Date and time in UTC (coordinated universal time) for a smart meter event (DateTime element)

  • Utilities smart meter event type code (TypeCode element)

  • Utilities smart meter event severity code (SeverityCode element)

For more information about the detailed message structure, see the UtilsSmrtMtrEvtERPBulkCrteReqMsg message data type.


For more information, see Bulk, Bundle, Collection.

Error Handling

Forward Error Handling

The Create Utilities Smart Meter Event as Bulk service operation supports Forward Error Handling. The following error categories are used:

  • PRE.AUE : Authorization Error

  • PRE : Processing Error

For more information about the individual error categories, see the code list for the global data type LogItemCategoryCode.


  • When a single event does not contain the required Customizing settings, for example, if the mandatory property value is missing, the system creates a single FEH case with the error category PRE.

  • If the user does not have the relevant authorization, the bulk service fails and the system creates an FEH case with the error category PRE.AUE.

In the above cases, after the authorization is obtained or the settings in the Define Settings for Event Management Customizing activity are adjusted, the system can reprocess the inbound operation through the post-processing office (PPO) and create the corresponding smart meter events.

If errors occur during mapping for mandatory fields, the mapping exceptions are raised and no events are created in the back-end system.

Message Types

  • Utilities Smart Meter Event ERP Bulk Create Request


You have implemented the SAP for Utilities application component.

You have made the settings in Customizing for SAP Utilities under Start of the navigation path Advanced Metering Infrastructure Next navigation step Event-Management Next navigation step Define Settings for Event Management End of the navigation path.

Notes on SAP Implementation


You must assign authorization to users to allow them to create smart meter events. To do so, use the authorization object E_AMI_EM.


The BAdI for SM Event Bulk Create Request and Confirmation Message (ISU_SE_SMEVENTCRTBLKRCI_ASYN) Business Add-In (BAdI) is available in the enhancement spot ISU_SPOT_SE_SMEVENT for this inbound operation. You can use this BAdI to extend the customer-specific logic for application data mapping.

You can implement several instances of this BAdI at the same time by using the BAdI implementation ISU_SE_SORTER_SMEVTCRTBLKRCI_A. The BAdIs are sorted according to the type of BAdI – industry-specific, customer-defined, or SAP-standard – as defined in the field layer for the BAdI.