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 Change Based on Utilities Device Smart Meter Registered Notification


To receive a notification about registered utilities device smart meters.

Technical Data

Entity Type

Service Operation

Software Component Version

IS-UT 606

Release State


Technical Name



Application Component


Web Service Definition (Back End)









not applicable

Change/Update Behavior

not applicable

P2P Communication Enabled


Business Context and Use

This inbound service operation is used to notify a correct assignment of a device to an advanced metering system (AMS).


The following values must be provided:

  • UtilitiesDeviceID

  • UtilitiesAdvancedMeteringSystemID

Error Handling

Typical errors are:

  • General mapping error: UtilitiesDeviceID is initial; Message UUID not provided.

Forward Error Handling

The Change Based on Utilities Device Smart Meter Registered Notification operation supports Forward Error Handling (FEH), from EHP5 onwards. The following error categories are used:

  • PRE.AUE : Authorization Error

  • CON.POC : Possible conflict

  • PRE.TEE.LPE : Lock promotion error

For more information about the individual error categories, see the code list for the global data type LogItemCategoryCode. You can use the global data type catalog (GDT catalog) at Information published on SAP site to search for additional information about specific fields.

In order to activate FEH, implement and activate BAdI ISU_SE_FEH_EXCEPTION: Set parameter XY_IS_FEH_PROCESSING of method IF_EX_ISU_SE_FEH_EXCEPTION~CHECK_FEH_USAGE to 'X' for the related service specified by the parameters X_SERV_BO_NAME = 'DEVICE' and X_SERV_OPERATION = 'DEVICESMREGEDNO' or set the filter values accordingly.

Information for the Post Processing Office (PPO): This service belongs to the component CA-SOA-ESM-ERP-MD and process UDEV004.

Message Types

  • Utilities Device ERP Smart Meter Registered Notification

Notes on SAP Implementation

Switch Framework

The Utilities business function set must be activated.


This operation is suitable for the Utilities Industry Solutions sector. The customer must run the IS-U application component to use it.


The ISU_SE_DEVICESMREGEDNOI_ASYNC Business Add-In (BAdI) is available for this operation. This BAdI definition is found in enhancement spot ISU_SPOT_SE_DEVICE. This BAdI allows you to create customer-specific logic for inbound and outbound mapping of application data.

The BAdI can be implemented several times. The implementations are sorted according to the field layer of a BAdI implementation, for example, SAP standard, partner, or customer.