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 Request Smart Meter Meter Reading Document Result Creation as Bulk


To request the creation of a meter reading document results as bulk.

Technical Data

Entity Type

Service Operation

Software Component Version

IS-UT 605

Release State


Technical Name



Application Component









not applicable

Change/Update Behavior

not applicable

P2P Communication Enabled


Business Context and Use

The SmartMeterMeterReadingDocumentERPResultBulkCreateRequest_Out outbound bulk service operation is used to send a mass request to create meter reading document results. For more information about use cases for this service operation, see the Enterprise Services Advanced Meter Infrastructure WIKI at published on SAP site, use case group 3.

Note Note

The service operation is not called automatically; you must implement the BAdI ISU_AMI_SEND_MR. For more information about the implementation and when it is called, see the BAdI documentation. This BAdI is available in the enhancement spot ISU_AMI_SEND_MR.

End of the note.


The following graphic illustrates both the interface, the fields, and cardinality of this service operation. You can use the Utilities data type catalog at published on SAP site (Start of the navigation path Next navigation step SAP for Utilities Next navigation step SAP for Utilities - Product Information Next navigation step IS-U/CCS Next navigation step General Next navigation step Cookbook&Guidelines Next navigation step Utilities Data Type Catalog End of the navigation path) to search for information about specific fields.

Every SmartMeterMeterReadingDocumentERPResultCreateRequestMessage should provide the following values:

  • MeterReadingDocumentID

  • MeterReadingReasonCode

  • UtilitiesMeasurementTaskID

  • UtilitiesDeviceID

  • UtilitiesAdvancedMeteringSystemID

  • MeterReadingDate

  • MeterReadingTime

  • ActualMeterReadingDate (optional)

  • ActualMeterReadingTime (optional)

  • MeterReadingTypeCode

  • MeterReadingResultValue

The UUID of the bulk request message should also be supplied.

Related Operations


To use this service operation, the Utilities (IS-U) application component should be implemented.


This service operation belongs to the Meter Reading Document Out service interface.

Notes on SAP Implementation
Switch Framework

The Utilities business function set must be activated and you must switch on the ISU_AMI_2 business function.


This operation is suitable for the Utilities Industry Solutions sector. However, it is only available to customers who are running the IS-U application component.


The Business Add-In (BAdI) ISU_SE_MRDRESSMCRTBLKRCO_ASYN is available for this service operation. This BAdI allows you to use a customer-specific logic for the inbound/outbound mapping of application data. This BAdI is available in the enhancement spot ISU_SPOT_SE_MRD.

The BAdI can be implemented several times. The implementations are sorted according to the field Layer of a BAdI implementation, for example, SAP standard, partner, or customer.

Error Handling

Typical general processing and/or mapping errors are:

  • MeterReadingDocumentID not provided

  • Message UUID not provided

For more information about monitoring your process integration, see the SAP Process Integration (PI) Handbook.

ES Bundles

This service operation is part of the Advanced Meter Infrastructure ES bundle. For more information about this bundle, see the Enterprise Services WIKI at published on SAP site.