Events (Business Transaction Events)


The current account system provides you with events ( BTE), which enable you to add to the system functions without the need for modification.


The standard functions of the current account system are not always able to meet certain customer requirements. The large quantity and diversity of these requirements means that it is often not advisable to change the standard system accordingly.

However, for reasons of expense and stability, modifications to the standard system must be avoided or at least kept to a minimum. This can be achieved by the creation of an infrastructure that enables you to enhance functions without having to modify the standard system. This infrastructure is available in the area of current accounts for some typical forms of enhancement. With the help of the events, all customers are able to individually and dynamically adjust the system to meet their requirements, without the need for complex technical knowledge and or modifications.

At the defined event, the system transfers data to the function module by means of an interface. In accordance with a predefined interface, this can also return data to the current account system.

You can link three types of additional components at every event:

  • SAP components

  • Function modules from software partners

  • Function modules developed by the customer.


Publish & Subscribe interfaces inform you that certain events have taken place in the current account system and make the data created or changed by them available. Further processing can be triggered as a result of these events and data.

At every event, it is possible to have as much additional processing as you require. The corresponding usage is available to every single SAP customer.

For every event, SAP supplies sample function modules (SAMPLES) that describe the interface, and can serve as template for the modules to be developed. To use a SAMPLE, copy it into your namespace and finish programming it.

The interfaces defined in accordance with the event technique relate to all operations within the current account system.


For all the information and Customizing activities you need to make use of the events, go to the Implementation Guide (IMG) and choose Start of the navigation path Basic Settings Next navigation step Business Transaction Events / Event Control. End of the navigation path


What interfaces cannot do:

The events do not cover the following points:

  • Trigger processes in the current account system by other external systems. You must provide these functions by using BAPIs.

  • Transfer additional data to standard objects.

  • The technique is not suitable for customers or partners for creating their own interfaces.

For more information, see Business Transaction Events .