Installation of the SAP HANA Appliance Software

The installation of the SAP HANA appliance software is performed by the SAP hardware partner.

The SAP hardware partners deliver the SAP HANA software together with corresponding, validated hardware as a prepackaged solution with the most recent support package stack (at the time of shipment of the SAP HANA appliance) to the customer site. The SAP hardware partner may add specific best practices and SAP HANA software configuration. The installation is finalized by an onsite setup of the SAP HANA components. This includes deploying the SAP HANA system in the customer data center, connectivity to the network, SAP system rename, and SAP Solution Manager connectivity, if applicable.

Once the network connection to the SAP HANA system has been established successfully and the SAP HANA system with the most recent support packages is reachable under its desired host name, IP address and SAP system ID from within the customer network, the establishment of data replication/connectivity to data source systems (including the deployment of additional replication components) and the installation of potential BI clients (such as SAP BusinessObjects Explorer on top of BOE) is again the responsibility of the customer or the consulting organization carrying out the SAP HANA project onsite for the customer.

Installation of additional software

To ensure the smooth operation of an SAP HANA system and to fulfill and be compliant with IT policies, you need to use external software in the SAP HANA appliance. External software is software that was not delivered by SAP or by your SAP HANA appliance hardware partner.

SAP permits the installation and operation of external software that is required to fulfill the IT compliance and IT policy that are determined in operation, provided the prerequisites in the following SAP Notes are met.

SAP Note Number Title

SAP Note 1730929

Using external tools in an SAP HANA appliance

SAP Note 1730932

Using backup tools with Backint

SAP Note 1730930

Using antivirus software in an SAP HANA appliance

SAP Note 784391

SAP support terms and 3rd-party Linux kernel drivers

Each of these SAP Notes refers to additional documentation about software and software versions that, in the experience of SAP Support, have caused problems in the customer environment or in the laboratories of SAP or the hardware suppliers and are therefore not recommended for use in the SAP HANA appliance.

Neither SAP nor the hardware supplier of your SAP HANA appliance are responsible for the installation, maintenance and possible adjustment of the external software if no agreements have been made for this purpose.