Operating SAP HANA

You can operate SAP HANA on-premise using the appliance delivery model or using the tailored data center integration model.

You can decide to implement SAP HANA using the appliance delivery model, meaning preconfigured software and hardware bundled by an SAP hardware partner, or you can opt for the SAP HANA tailored data center integration approach, which allows you more flexibility when integrating your SAP HANA system with your existing infrastructure, for example, network or storage solutions.

With the appliance model SAP co-ordinates all support requests for all components of the system including hardware with the responsible partners.

Tailored data center integration gives you the flexibility to install SAP HANA yourself on the same validated hardware as used for appliances but you are responsible for all aspects of the system, including managing support with all the involved partners.

Table 1: SAP HANA Appliance compared to SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration
SAP HANA appliance SAP HANA tailored data center integration
Fast implementation More flexibility
Support fully provided by SAP Customer aligns with the hardware partner on individual support model
Solution validation done by SAP and partners Installation is done by the customer (or hardware partner)
Preconfigured hardware setup Reuse existing infrastructure and thereby reduce costs
Preinstalled software SAP HANA installation certification required for customer (or hardware partner) to perform SAP HANA software installation