Working with Business Content

In the SAP Fiori launchpad configuration cockpit, business content is marked with the following icon:

The following functionality applies to business content provided by SAP:

  • When SAP updates the business content, the content in your launchpad configuration cockpit is updated automatically, and you receive a notification that asks you whether to publish the site with these updates.
  • The content cannot be modified, except for assigning existing roles to groups or catalogs, and unassigning these roles.
  • SAP roles, catalogs, and apps can be duplicated. The duplicated object is a standalone, local object that is no longer connected to the corresponding object in the source subaccount. However, the duplicated object maintains original assignments to content provided by SAP, according to the following hierarchy: role, catalog, app. For example, a duplicated role maintains assignments to catalogs provided by SAP, and a duplicated catalog maintains assignments to apps provided by SAP. In this manner, the assigned content provided by SAP continues being updated when changes are made by SAP. Note that a duplicated application becomes local and will not get any updates.

    To duplicate an object use the Duplicate icon at the bottom of the Content Packages list.

  • SAP business content is not exported.
  • SAP business content includes translation files.
  • SAP business content does not include themes.