Managing Business Content Provided by SAP

Administrators manage business content provided by SAP in the Content Packages editor in the SAP Fiori launchpad configuration cockpit.

You can add to your site various types of business content, depending on your license. For example, both SAP S/4HANA content and SAP Business Suite content are included in a single SAP Fiori Cloud license. When you open the SAP Fiori launchpad configuration cockpit for the first time for a specific subaccount, a popup for selecting business content is displayed. The content you select to add to your site is listed in the Content Packages editor.

Each set of content, which typically corresponds to a specific release or version, is provided in a content package. To add the content of the package to your site so that you can manage and publish its content, you first need to activate the content package.

After you activate a content package, the content is added to the content management editors, and its information is added to the content filters displayed at the top of each editor, and at the top of the Home and App Resources pages. The content filters enable you to filter the business content you want to work with, by selecting the business content type, and the content package and the system, when applicable. This information is also referred to as the “context” in which you are working.

The following screenshot shows the content filters of a launchpad configuration cockpit with an activated SAP S/4HANA content package:

In the editors, business content provided by SAP is marked with the following icon:

When you preview a site, it displays the site’s current context, according to the state of the content filters.

When you publish a site, it displays all the activated site content that the end-user is authorized to use, according to their assigned roles.