EDM Settlement: Accelerated Aggregation of Time Series


This function provides a new implementation logic for the aggregation of load shapes during energy quantity settlement. It enables significantly faster runtimes.

Large volumes of data are processed in order to calculate the aggregated load profiles. With the progressing rollout of smart meters, the volume of data will increase considerably in the near future. Settlement runs will also take place more regularly. Due to these market developments, the runtime of load profile aggregation is now a very critical factor.

The new implementation logic uses a database-independent technology that supports column-oriented databases as well as conventional database types. In this context, the following new classes and settlement steps have been created:

  • Load shape of interval customers for each settlement profile (database-level execution logic)

    • Class CL_ISU_EDM_SETTLSTEP_0029

    • Settlement step SUMINTSU02

  • Load shape of interval customers for each grid or settlement unit (database-level execution logic)

    • Class CL_ISU_EDM_SETTLSTEP_0030

    • Settlement step SUMINTSU03

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version

IS-UT 617

Application Component

IS-U-EDM (Energy Data Management)

Available As Of

SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP07) for SAP ERP 6.0

Required Business Functions


Effects on Existing Data

If you replace existing settlement steps with SUMINTSU02 or SUMINTSU03 in your settlement procedure, you can no longer execute settlement runs that use a selection document based on old settlement documents. The reason for this is that functions specially adapted to SUMINTSU02 or SUMINTSU03 were added to settlement step ASSIGNPOD in order to save additional data in the settlement document. If the settlement document in question was generated using an older non-compatible software version of ASSIGNPOD, the load shapes that belong to the settlement document cannot be found and processed, possibly resulting in incorrect total load shapes.

More Information

For more information, see the application help in the Guidelines for the Development of the Settlement Procedure under the following links: