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This class represents the entity "A_DistributionChannel" of service "API_DISTRIBUTIONCHANNEL_SRV". This service is part of the following communication scenarios: SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning Integration (SAP_COM_0087). See https://api.sap.com/api/API_DISTRIBUTIONCHANNEL_SRV for more information.


  • any
    • DistributionChannel





distributionChannel: string

Distribution Channel. The way in which products or services reach the customer. Typical examples of distribution channels are wholesale, retail, or direct sales. You can maintain information about customers and materials by sales organization and distribution channel. Within a sales organization you can deliver goods to a given customer through more than one distribution channel.You can assign a distribution channel to one or more sales organizations. If, for example, you have numerous sales organizations, each sales organization may use the "Wholesale" distribution channel.For each combination of sales organization and distribution channel, you can further assign one or more of the divisions that are defined for the sales organization. You can, for example, assign "Food" and "Non-food" divisions to the "Wholesale" distribution channel. A particular combination of sales organization, distribution channel, and division is known as a sales area. Maximum length: 2.


One-to-many navigation property to the DistributionChannelText entity.


ALL_FIELDS: any = new AllFields('*', DistributionChannel)

All fields selector.


DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL: StringField<DistributionChannel> = new StringField('DistributionChannel', DistributionChannel, 'Edm.String')

Static representation of the distributionChannel property for query construction. Use to reference this property in query operations such as 'select' in the fluent request API.

Static TO_TEXT

TO_TEXT: Link<DistributionChannel, DistributionChannelText> = new Link('to_Text', DistributionChannel, DistributionChannelText)

Static representation of the one-to-many navigation property toText for query construction. Use to reference this property in query operations such as 'select' in the fluent request API.

Static _allFields

_allFields: any[] = [DistributionChannel.DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL,DistributionChannel.TO_TEXT]

All fields of the DistributionChannel entity.

Static _defaultServicePath

_defaultServicePath: string = "/sap/opu/odata/sap/API_DISTRIBUTIONCHANNEL_SRV"

Default url path for the according service.

Static _entityName

_entityName: string = "A_DistributionChannel"

Technical entity name for DistributionChannel.

Static _keyFields

_keyFields: Array<Selectable<DistributionChannel>> = [DistributionChannel.DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL]

All key fields of the DistributionChannel entity.

Static _keys

_keys: any = DistributionChannel._keyFields.reduce((acc: any, field) => {acc[field.fieldName] = field;return acc;}, {})

Mapping of all key field names to the respective static field property DistributionChannel.

Static _serviceName

_serviceName: string = "API_DISTRIBUTIONCHANNEL_SRV"

Technical service name for DistributionChannel.


Static builder

Static customField

  • Returns a selectable object that allows the selection of custom field in a get request for the entity DistributionChannel.


    • fieldName: string

      Name of the custom field to select

    Returns CustomField<DistributionChannel>

    A builder that constructs instances of entity type DistributionChannel.

Static requestBuilder

  • Returns a request builder to construct requests for operations on the DistributionChannel entity type.

    Returns DistributionChannelRequestBuilder

    A DistributionChannel request builder.