Mobilizing SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori applications can run on a mobile device within the browser, in SAP Fiori Client, and as self-contained native packaged apps. To benefit from the native device capabilities such as camera and barcode scanning, SAP Fiori apps must run inside SAP Fiori Client or be deployed as packaged apps.

SAP Fiori Client

SAP Fiori Client is a native mobile application runtime container for SAP Fiori apps. It is designed around Apache Cordova architecture, where device APIs and custom functionality are added through Cordova plugins. The SAP Mobile Platform SDK includes a Node script to generate a custom version of the SAP Fiori Client application. Developers can change the application splash screen or title, add support for custom authentication schemes, or add additional Cordova plug-ins. The custom version has the same core capabilities as the app store version of the SAP Fiori Client: Both applications can connect to the Fiori front-end server directly or through SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations, and both applications can expose native capabilities to Fiori running within the application container.

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SAP Fiori Packaged Apps

Fiori applications can be packaged as self-contained native apps. This means all static web resources (JavaScript, HTML5, XML, images, and so on) are bundled together into a Cordova container, and the apps are delivered to end users using standard app store concepts. Packaging also allows certain SAP Fiori apps be used in offline mode. The CLI packager for SAP Fiori apps is a Node application that is delivered with SAP Mobile Platform SDK. It enables you to download existing SAP Fiori apps and package them into a Cordova container for iOS or Android. Packaged apps are presented as tiles within a local launchpad. The SAP Mobile Platform SDK also includes a packager extension for Visual Studio that allows you to fetch application content (source, assets) from the Fiori front-end server and integrate with an existing Cordova application. After integration you can build Fiori applications for Android or iOS platforms.

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