Forcing a Transmit

If there is no "current module," or if a transmit action (button) is not yet available in the application, you can force a transmission (or transmit). Forcing a transmit sends transmissions from the test client to server, checks definitions, downloads them from the server to the test client, runs main fetches. Force a transmit any time you must emulate a transmit action.


Most transmits do not autostart or autofinish, so you need to force it. For some operations, such as changing platforms or languages, the transmit is automatic, so you need not force it.


  1. With your project open and your test client running, select Start of the navigation path Test Next navigation step Transmit to Server End of the navigation path.
  2. Select the transmit settings.
    • Select the transmit type. All connections use WebSockets over HTTPS.
      Transmit Type Description
      Dialin Phone line dialup connection.
      Docking Station Serial connection using Syclo midstation.
      Infrared Infrared connection.
      Network Windows network connection.
      Push Windows network connection that has push enabled.
      TCP Unencrypted TCP connection.
      WirelessLAN 802.11b network or similar.
      WirelessWAN Wide area wireless via the CDMA, GPRS, GSM, CDPD, and so forth.
    • Indicate whether to use an offline connection.
  3. Click Start.

    In the transmit dialog, you can view transmissions between the test client and server.

  4. Click Stop to pause the transmit, giving you time to scroll through the messages.
  5. Click Close at any time to close the Transmit dialog.