Eclipse Cannot Open with Java Error


Eclipse fails to start and a message box appears, starting with: Java was started but returned exit code=13. This might happen, for example, on a machine where Eclipse is installed for dedicated use with SAP Mobile Platform Agentry Editor, and Eclipse can no longer open.


This can happen if the Java version was updated, and the environment variable PATH is still pointing to the previous version. Eclipse reports the discrepancy.

However, Agentry Editor requires a specific version of Java, so you most likely need to uninstall the new, unsupported version of Java, and install the supported version.
  1. To verify which version of Java is supported, see:
    1. Click Enter the Product Availability Matrix, and navigate to SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0.

    2. On the far right under Essential Information, click Open in New Window to open SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0 Support Matrices for Device Platforms and 3rd Party Installation Version Requirements.

    3. Navigate to the SAP Note that provides information about the Java version supported for development.

  2. Make sure the correct Java version is installed on the machine. You may need to uninstall a newer version to use the older version.

  3. Check the environment variable to make sure the path to the correct Java version is included (if necessary, remove the path to the incorrect version).