Installing Android Studio

Android Studio includes the Android Studio IDE and the Android SDK tools.


  1. Confirm that your system meets the requirements at published on non-SAP site.
  2. Download and install Android Studio from published on non-SAP site
  3. Add the Android SDK to your PATH environment variable:
    • On Windows, add <Android SDK Location>\tools to the PATH environment variable.
    • On OS X, the command is: export PATH=$PATH:<path to Android SDK>/tools .
  4. Download and install Extras > Android Support Repository.
  5. Download and install Extras > Android Support Library. For more information, see also Support Library SetupInformation published on non-SAP site.
  6. Launch the Android SDK Manager and download the latest tools:
    1. Open the Tools directory and select: SDK Tools, SDK Platform-tools, and the highest version of the SDK Build-tools.
    2. Open the Android X.X folder (the latest version) and select: SDK Platform and a system emulator such as ARM EABI v7a System Image.
  7. Download any additional packages. See published on non-SAP site.
  8. Install the packages.