Creating an Application on the SAP Mobile Platform Server Using the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) CLI

You can optionally use the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) CLI to create an application on the SAP Mobile Platform Server. Compared to using the Admin UI to create the application, this method allows automating the application creation process through the use of scripts with the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) CLI.

You specify details on application configuration in a configuration file. An example of a configuration file is provided in lib/config.json.example The configuration file includes:
  • appID: the application ID for the application
  • serverHost: the hostname for the SAP Mobile Platform Server
  • postData (data that specifies the application configuration)

To create an application, run the command:

smp create <username> <password> <configuration_file>

The parameters are:

  • <username>: the username for accessing the SAP Mobile Platform Server
  • <password>: the password for accessing the SAP Mobile Platform Server
  • <configuration_file>: optionally specify a different file name for configuration. If you do not specify a file, the command looks for config.json in the current directory.

For example:

smp create smpAdmin s3pAdmin myconfig.json

When the application has been successfully created, you see a message similar to:

Created app SampleKapsel1 to server localhost.

In the Admin UI, you can view and verify the application.