Native OData API Reference for Android

The primary API Reference is the API documentation included in the SAP Mobile Platform SDK installation for your platform, for example, under the <SMP_HOME>\MobileSDK<vesrion>\NativeSDK\ODataFramework\Android\directory.

For convenience, commonly referenced API documentation can also be accessed at Native OData API Documentation for Android and Offline OData for Android.

OData APIs for Android

The SAP Mobile Platform SDK for Android provides three APIs for accessing and manipulating an OData source:
  • OData Online Store API for Android – manages an Online OData store (open, close, refresh, and so on)
  • OData Offline Store API for Android – manages an Offline OData store (open, close, refresh, and so on)
  • OData API for Android – manipulates the OData feed for both offline and online stores

Logon APIs for Android

APIs for SAML and Mobile Place:
  • HttpConversation API – supports SAML-enabled registration
  • HttpConvAuthFlows API – supports the authorization flows of SAML-enabled registration
  • Mobile Place API – onboarding users with Mobile Place

Supportability API for Android

The Supportability API logs messages and supports end-to-end tracing through the enterprise system:
  • ClientLog API for Android – set the log level for individual logging components to specify the amount of information captured. This allows the developer to identify code problems by capturing debug level log messages. System logs on the server collect log messages that allow administrators and support professionals to identify problem areas.
  • E2ETrace API for Android – application tracing captures additional business data for a request (such as message data, payloads, HTTP headers, and URIs), which you can use to troubleshoot application problems. The business data captured in application traces is determined by the application developer. Enable tracing for individual logging components on an as-needed basis.