Testing Locales

To ensure that the required configuration is in place to support locales, test each locale that is associated with an application project.


Verify that your application project includes required localization base files and override files for each supported locale.


For information about localization, see Administrator > Application Administration > Deploying Applications > Defining Application-Specific Settings > Localizing Agentry Applications.


  1. With the application client started, click Start of the navigation path View Next navigation step Language Toolbar End of the navigation path. The toolbar shows the current locale, such as English - United States (en-US). The localization values are from Microsoft Windows, and reflect the Windows default.
  2. Select another language. The country field is updated automatically, and the Switch button is enabled. If the locale does not change, Switch is disabled, indicating that no further action is required.
  3. Click Switch.
  4. Click OK to acknowledge that changing localization requires a reset of the test client, and a forced transmit to the server.
    The client is reset, and the current locale changes to the new value, such as Tibetan - People's Republic of China. The Agentry test environment status bar also shows the current locale.
  5. Select Start of the navigation path Test Next navigation step Force Transmit End of the navigation path to send the new localization information to the server.
  6. Verify that the client is sending the correct locale information by checking the client, and checking server logs. You should see evidence of the new locale.