Generating and Uploading App Files Using the Command Line Interface

Use the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) command line interface (CLI) to package the app into a ZIP file and upload it to the SAP Mobile Platform Server.


  1. Open a command prompt window, or terminal, and navigate to the folder that contains the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) CLI.
    On Windows:
    On Mac:
  2. Run the command:
    npm -g install
    On Mac, you may need to run the command as sudo:
    sudo npm -g install
  3. Change directories to the directory containing the project and run the command:
    kapsel package
    kapsel deploy <com.mycompany.app_ID> <localhost:<port> <Admin_user_name> <Admin_password> 

    The HTML files that make up the app are compressed into a ZIP file and uploaded to SAP Mobile Platform Server, and the cockpit shows that revision <x> was uploaded.