Running the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) Application on Android

Open your Cordova based Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) project in Eclipse and run it on the emulator.


  1. In a Command Prompt window, make sure you are in the project folder and execute the command:
    cordova prepare android
  2. Start Eclipse.
  3. From the menu, choose Start of the navigation path File Next navigation step Import End of the navigation path.
  4. In the Import window, select Start of the navigation path Android Next navigation step Existing Android Code Into Workspace End of the navigation path.
  5. Browse to your project, <ProjectName>/platforms/android, select the android folder, and click Open.
  6. Click Finish.
    The project is imported into Eclipse.
  7. Right-click the project node and select Start of the navigation path Run As Next navigation step Android Application End of the navigation path.