Push Notification Plugin

(Android, iOS, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10) Push plugin APIs allow you to send push data from the back-end data source to Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications, SAP Fiori Client applications, or packaged Fiori applications.

Push Notifications Through SAP Mobile Platform or SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services

You can use SAP Mobile Platform or SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations to manage push for individual applications that use native notifications, or you can use the SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations push hub to manage push for applications that are distributed via a public applications store and used by many enterprise users.
The push notification system consists of:
  1. The Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) application, which runs on the device and receives the notifications.
  2. The notification service provider, for example, APNS for Apple devices, and Google Play Services for Android devices.
  3. The SAP Mobile Platform Server, which collects device IDs from the clients and push notifications through the notification service provider.

The Push plugin allows you to enroll applications for notification with notification registration, as well as to receive and process incoming notifications for Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications. This plugin also supports background notification processing.

In a typical deployment, SAP Mobile Platform Server sends push messages to a push server through a RESTful API, which in turn delivers the push message to the user agent, which then provides execution instructions for the app. The user agent then delivers the push message to the designated app.

The push API tasks include the following:
  • Registering and unregistering a push notification
  • Push notificaton handling
  • Push notification configuration
  • Error message handling

Remote Push Notification Support for iOS

(Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) and custom SAP Fiori apps only) The Push Notification plugin supports remote notifications on the client. In iOS7, Apple introduced a new capability that enables applications to fetch new data when an application is running in the background. This background fetch is either performed by the OS at a suggested minimum interval; or in response to a special APNS push request called a Remote Notification.

Remote Notifications are APNS push requestswith one additional payload field that is new to iOS7:
“aps” : 
{ "content-available": 1 } 

When an iOS7 device receives a Remote Notification, the Application Delegates didReceiveRemoteNotification method is called. This occurs when the application is running in the background as well as the foreground and gives the developer an opportunity to reconcile application data with a back-end server.

SAP Mobile Platform Server allows you to set the HTTP header X-SMP-APNS-CONTENT-AVAILABLE when making an HTTP notification request to add the new content-available field to the APNS request. This allows Hybrid and native SAP Mobile Platform iOS apps to use Remote Notifications to update data in the background via APNS.