Complete the prerequisites before using Client Hub in your applications. The Client Hub feature set is only available for cosigned enterprise store applications.

  • Install Client Hub (along with the API libraries) on your Android or iOS device. Before installation, compile or build the Client Hub application, cosigning with the same developer certificate as the application.
  • Install the business applications that implement Client Hub on the device.
    • Use the same certificate to cosign applications and Client Hub.
    • Compile the applications using SAP Mobile Platform SDK version 3.0 or later.
    • Use the Logon Manager for application initialization.
  • Mobile apps should contain a configuration file (plist or properties) from developer. The clienthub.plist or contains connection settings for the application, and its security configuration.
  • The applications must share the same security configuration setting:
    • Security configuration is a setting defined by the administrator on the SAP Mobile Platform Server, which maps mobile apps to an Identity Provider.
    • You can have multiple security configurations in a single Client Hub application: the apps access the credentials for their own security configuration.