ActiveX Expected Method Declarations - MS Visual Basic

The methods expected by the Agentry Client should be declared exactly as listed below, with the exception of any word wrapping resulting from this publication.

Public Function AgentryInitialize(initialValue As String, 
	formatString As String, readOnly As Boolean, autoChangeFocus As Boolean,
	parentHwnd As Long, VARIANT messageIDs) As BooleanPublic Function AgentryDestroy()
Public Function AgentryEnable(state As Boolean)
Public Function AgentryGetValue() As String
Public Function AgentrySetFocus(focusType As Long)
Public Function AgentryShow(state As Boolean)
Public Function AgentryUpdateRuleEvaluated(ruleResult As String)
Public Function AgentryUpdateScanData(scanResult As String);
Public Function AgentryGetSpecificValue(opcode As Long, 
	VARIANT specificValue);Public Function AgentryGetScriptValue();
Public Function AgentrySetScriptValue(str As String);
Public Function AgentrySetActiveXControlHost(IUnknown* host);