This method can be called to execute an action on the Agentry Client. This action must be listed in the Actions list for the External Field – ActiveX Control detail screen field. This method blocks until:
  • A wizard screen is displayed
  • The Action completes execution
  • The Action is canceled by an action step of type message
  • The Agentry Client reports that it cannot execute the action

Note that the method will not wait for the completion of a wizard screen set. When such a screen set is displayed, the ActionResult parameter will contain a value of Action_Pending.


  • ActionName - Contains the definition name of the Action to be executed
  • ActionResult - This value is set after the action is executed and indicates the status of the action execution. This will be one of the following enumerated values:
    • Action_BackUp: Reserved for future use.
    • Action_Error: Returned when the action could not be executed for any reason. Common causes for this return include if the action named is not one defined for the screen field, if another action is currently being executed on the Client, or if the defined target object for the action cannot be resolved.
    • Action_Cancel: Returned of the action is cancelled. This will only be returned if the action is canceled in an action step of type Message. This method does not block when wizard screens are displayed and therefore will not capture the cancellation of a wizard screen set by the user.
    • Action_Pending: Returned if the action executed successfully and displayed a wizard screen set.
    • Action_Complete: Returned if the Action executes and completes successfully without having displayed a wizard screen set.